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Dec 17 2012

Rushing to Be Part of the Gun Problem

If you can’t talk about guns without being irrational and emotional, why should I let you own one?

Apr 21 2012

Stand Your Ground: White Men Only

The problem with a law based on the notion of “reasonable” fear.

Dec 17 2010

Who’s the Hero?

So you’ve seen that some guy with a grudge and a gun shot up a school board meeting before killing himself. If you haven’t seen the video (and the standard macho posturing about how the guy had to be a horrid shot because he missed all the people and some dumbass blog commenters can hit …

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Jun 23 2010

Gun Factoids–Concealed Carry

One of the tidbits you often hear in gun control arguments is that states with concealed carry laws have lower rates of violent crime. Based on 2006 data from the Census Bureau and the FBI, here’s how things broke down. Violent Crime Total (incidence per 100,000)Unrestricted Carry: 425Shall Issue (state law requires issuance of permit): …

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Jun 22 2010

Gun Protection–Best-Case Scenario

So you’ve read my last post>, on how poorly a gun protects you in the home, and you’ve said to yourself, “Self, those numbers are pretty far apart, but hell, that’s just robbery.” And you’re right. So what’s the best-case scenario for guns protecting their owners? Find out at Quiche Moraine.

Jun 21 2010

How Well Does Your Gun Protect You?

The last time there was a discussion on Greg Laden’s blog regarding the necessity of firearms, the topic turned to home invasion, which is the classic protect-the-women-and-children fantasy scenario for gun nuts (which are a distinct subset of gun owners). I pulled some statistics to find out what kind of protection guns afforded. Since the …

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Apr 06 2009

Tin Revolutionaries

Apropos of the discussion here and here. If you ever have to rely on the Second Amendment to save you from a tyrannical government, you’ve left things too late. Several decades too late, in fact. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but the world has changed since the days of the Revolutionary War. Most of …

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