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Mar 29 2012

Aim Like a Drunkard

I’ve seen stage combat up close, and I know how much work goes into making it work. This…is not that.

Feb 22 2012

In Which I Rail About Doctor Who Fandom and the Pink Ghetto

I love feminist science fiction and fantasy fandom. I am part of feminist science fiction and fantasy fandom. And then I come across something like this.

Feb 01 2012

We Need Max Headroom

Max Headroom

Josh Gerstein of Politico pays a high compliment indeed, even if he doesn’t understand it himself.

Jan 30 2012

This Is Aperture

Not quite the geeky reference I thought it was going to be. Much better in fact.

Jan 18 2012

Relative Importance of IT Domains

Relative Importance of IT Qualities

A guest post by Jim Hall on how IT requirements change drastically over the levels of an organization.

Nov 30 2011

I Wish David Tennant Would Tell Me a Bedtime Story

Well, this maybe wasn’t quite what I meant, but it’ll do.

Nov 25 2011

Have a More Colorful Friday

Howling Pig Ginger Lilly

Shopping outside the box.

Nov 23 2011

Remembering Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey was no small part of my life or my writing. She will be missed.

Nov 15 2011

A Doctor Who Movie?

Fear the Pretty

They’re going to make a new Doctor Who movie and…hmm.

Oct 23 2011

Your Morning Dose of Hmmm

Because you’re already used to the idea of furries.

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