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Mar 05 2013

Put a Quarter In

Then I said, “Tell me why you still cosplay even as a professional author.”

Jan 03 2013

All the Real (Geek) Girls

Sometimes you “walk” into another part of the internet, look around, and relax just a little.

Nov 30 2012

Geeking for Good

Is your Google-fu better than mine, up for the challenge of finding a long-lost game?

Nov 17 2012

Whatever Google Image Search You Did

Just over a dozen pictures, none of them of remotely revealing costumes.


Oct 18 2012

We Need Max Headroom

So it’s a very good thing that you’ll find him in unexpected places.

May 18 2012

Batman: Everything Old Is New Again

An unofficial trailer for the new Batman movie tells me what they’ve all been missing.

Apr 25 2012

We See a Different Frontier

A chance to be in at the start of a different sort of science fiction anthology. I already ordered mine.

Apr 16 2012

Bring Your Goggles and Top Hat

Grab some teenagers and go have some fun!

Apr 08 2012

How Do You Spend Easter Weekend?

Running for your life, of course. No, not from the family. Not the priest either. Better than that.

Mar 29 2012

Aim Like a Drunkard

I’ve seen stage combat up close, and I know how much work goes into making it work. This…is not that.

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