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Sep 08 2013

I Don’t Look So Great in a Tie

Image from the top of the announcement page. On the left is a bald eagle superimposed on the U.S. flag. On the right is the Secular Party logo. In between is a picture of a man in a suit with a question mark in an oval replacing his head.

Do you think they might be wondering why few or no women applied?

Aug 20 2013

Two Quick Tests

Have a couple of quick heuristics to make your life easier.

Aug 14 2013

How Many Do We Lose?

How many good, professional activists do we let be driven away before we put an end to this?

Aug 12 2013

What Is Not in Dispute

There is a good deal of Stollznow’s original post that has not required a correction. Let us take a look at what that is.

Aug 04 2013

An Organizer for a State-Level Skeptic Group in the U.S.

Screen capture of Travis Roy's Facebook discussion. Text provided in the post.

Is there anyone in this conversation you’d want to see on Twitter, much less the person who started and hosted it?

Aug 01 2013

Then This Happened

Facebook screen capture. Text provided in the post.

Maybe the pit really is just indefensible.

Aug 01 2013

Well, I See Everyone Is Awake

Screen shot of Block Bot sign-up page showing only Level 1 is considered abusive. Level 2 is "assholes, anti-feminist, and attention seekers". Level 3 is "annoying".

Have these people watched the segment they’re so upset about?

Jul 26 2013

Dig Deeper

Here’s to hoping Englehart–or the next journalist to pick up on this situation–digs further than Englehart did here.

Jul 23 2013

#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics

Saturday’s panel, now with lots of shiny, shiny links.

Jul 22 2013

I Get (Other People’s) Email

We can’t have censorship, now, can we?

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