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Apr 13 2014

But How Do You Know the MRAs Are Atheists?

Now, we can point to some numbers that suggest we’re on the right track.

Or at least they make me laugh.

Mar 29 2014

A Town Without Contraception

“When contacted Friday, one OB-GYN’s office confirmed that doctors had recently been told they could not prescribe birth control.”

Mar 24 2014

What Hemant Wouldn’t Print

Hemant Mehta was willing to post the “pro-life” propaganda, but he was not willing to publish this.

Mar 18 2014

Socialism, Rising Tides, and Identity Politics

“If you play identity politics, you’re serving the interests of the current owners of capital”? Hmm.

Mar 14 2014

The Day I Decided to Have an Abortion

Possibly an easier decision than “chocolate or strawberry”.

Mar 11 2014

Interesting to See the Resulting Comments

In which I am angry with Hemant and someone gets in my face about it.

Feb 17 2014

How to Suppress Writing Women

Painting of very muscled man in a cold tech environment. He's naked with a shadow, cables, and some steam covering roughly what a pair of shorts would cover.

With apologies to Joanna Russ.

Jan 15 2014

The Good News and Bad News About Paul Graham

A couple of days ago, someone on Facebook asked me to weigh in on the recent controversy surrounding Paul Graham.

Dec 25 2013

In Defense of Humbug

In which Jay Smooth, as usual, says the needful.

Dec 05 2013

Um, About Those “Male”- and “Female”-Wired Brains

A few days ago, an article came out that excited some people who identify as skeptics.

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