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Jan 02 2013

Reconstructing Criticism: Accuracy

Strictly speaking, accuracy may or may not be a virtue, but it can certainly help you make your criticisms constructive.

Jan 01 2013

Reconstructing Criticism: Behavior

Behavior, at least in the realm of constructive criticism, is something that is under the control of the person being criticized.

Dec 31 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Specifics

Being specific, like so many of the other elements of constructive criticism, serves multiple purposes.

Dec 30 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Praise

When you start by listing the things that someone is doing right, it gets harder to overreact to something that is wrong.

Dec 29 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Timing

The greater the delay, the more likely criticism is to be viewed as blame, or even a grudge.

Dec 28 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Transparency

Constructive criticism is presented in such a way that the recipient understands the criticism isn’t personal.

Dec 27 2012

Reconstructing Criticism

Time to revisit this series.

Jul 12 2010

Reconstructing Criticism: Work

This is the last post, at least for now, on the subject of constructive criticism. Feel free to suggest other subtopics that I haven’t covered. This post doesn’t contain any new information about making criticism effective, just some general thoughts about offering criticism. Many of the the topics in this series are interrelated, and I’ve …

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Jul 11 2010

Reconstructing Criticism: Goals

When formulating constructive criticism online, it’s important to pay attention to your purpose and shape your message accordingly. (Yes, it’s time to talk about “tone.”) Why? Because unlike much of the communication on the internet, which is more expressionistic in nature, constructive criticism is designed to reach and influence a specific audience. The goal is …

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Jun 03 2010

Reconstructing Criticism: Collegiality

“Because I said so” may be four of the most satisfying words in the English language. Unfortunately, they are almost exactly the wrong thing to say, or even imply, when delivering constructive criticism. It isn’t that a person in a position of authority can’t deliver constructive criticism. They can and do frequently, since human resources …

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