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Nov 15 2013

Handling Criticism: Beware the Legal Option

In October 2000, American McGee’s Alice came out to a good bit of fanfare. In the dark video game, Alice Liddell has gone down the dark rabbit hole of madness after losing her family in a house fire. Using her vorpal blade and other weapons derived from Wonderland and the land behind the looking glass, …

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Nov 14 2013

Handling Criticism: Focus on the Reasonable

You can’t get so sidetracked by how you’re being treated that you stop handling the problem.

Nov 13 2013

Handling Criticism: Decide Who Represents You

Make sure the right people are handling your response, and make sure everyone else knows what to say.

Oct 28 2013

Handling Criticism: Understand Your Power

Be exceptionally careful about using the power you have online against critics less powerful than you are.

Oct 15 2013

Handling Criticism: Decide Whether to Respond

Do you have to respond to every complaint or piece of criticism you see? No.

Oct 14 2013

Handling Criticism: Stop

There are typically a few ways you can make the situation better, but there are a million ways to make things worse.

Oct 10 2013

Dealing with Public Criticism

This year’s Skepticon workshop topic: dealing with public criticism.

Jan 05 2013

Reconstructing Criticism: Work

There is one thing that every part of creating constructive criticism has in common. It’s a lot of work.

Jan 04 2013

Reconstructing Criticism: Goals

When formulating constructive criticism online, it’s important to pay attention to your purpose and shape your message accordingly.

Jan 03 2013

Reconstructing Criticism: Collegiality

Authority is all too often associated with punishment, which makes it much harder for recipients of criticism to hear it correctly.

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