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Apr 08 2012

How Do You Spend Easter Weekend?

Running for your life, of course. No, not from the family. Not the priest either. Better than that.

Apr 05 2012


Just when you think you know what’s going on….

Feb 16 2012

Oh, Look, Baby Foxes

A needed distraction from the day’s news.

Jan 20 2012

But I Don’t Want to Wait


You, however, don’t have to.

Jan 10 2012


Baby penguins, of course, for your daily dose of squee.

Nov 25 2011

Have a More Colorful Friday

Howling Pig Ginger Lilly

Shopping outside the box.

Aug 26 2011

Insomniac Games Does Social Media Right

I’ve been a fan of Insomniac Games from close to the start. When my brother asked whether we’d played a new game and I said, “Ratchet and Clank? What’s that?” I had no idea it was the new game by the people who made Spyro the Dragon, the first game I played on a modern …

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Aug 16 2011

Embracing the Euphemism

I’ve long had a complicated relationship with euphemisms. On their own, I don’t like them much. I’m annoyed by people’s inability to talk about the things they clearly want or need to talk about. Many of them reflect the negative attitudes that keep us from speaking plainly in the first place. And some of them …

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Aug 04 2011

Women in Secularism Conference

W00t! The Center for Inquiry is hosting a conference on the topic of women in the secular movement! Here at CFI we think it’s high time—it’s past time—for these and related issues to receive serious consideration. This is why we are proud to announce a special (dare I say historic?) conference on Women in Secularism, …

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Aug 02 2011

Dirty LIttle Geeks

Scicurious sent this to me yesterday. It must be shared. That is all.

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