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Nov 01 2013

The Tone Troll

Charcoal sketch of an angry-looking troll on some rocks holding up a tuning fork.

Isn’t he a beauty?

May 17 2013

A Comedy Crush

In case you’re looking for a new comedian to follow.

May 13 2013

Not Such a Bad Old World

You can keep your jetpacks if I can have more like this.

Mar 16 2013

Mine All Mine

Pair of black, 2.5-inch, modified Louis heel Mary Janes with gray stripe for lacing.

These make me very happy.

Dec 13 2012

Joking About Rape

So Jamie Kilstein wrote a funny thing about rape.

Nov 10 2012

What About Love?

JT in front of a a slide of the cuddling couple.

In which JT specializes in making people cry at Skepticon. With pictures.

Nov 05 2012

Hungry, Hungry Chickadee

Chickadee perched on the edge of a deer's open belly.

Such a sweet little, cute little…oh.

Aug 16 2012


Because Edison was an ass, and because we have an opportunity to treat Tesla better than his contemporaries did.

Jun 19 2012

Now With Added Pony


A pony of my very own.

May 26 2012

Nice Tail

Did you want a piece of this? Come and get it, if you can.

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