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Aug 09 2013

If You Won’t Shut Up… (Update)

Screen cap of tweet by Sara Mayhew. Text provided in the post.

A little word on libel and slander, for anyone who wants to claim those.

Aug 08 2013

Gender Equality in the Secular Movement

This is the panel that had Richard Dawkins subtweeting about the meaning of the word “cranky”.

Aug 06 2013

More Names Will Be Named

Tweet from Ian Murphy. Text provided in the post.

Oh, I really should have finished writing this post on Sunday. My reputation as a seer would have been made.

Aug 02 2013

A TED Fellow

Tweet from Sara Mayhew. Text provided in the post.

Really, someone like Sara Mayhew shouldn’t be on The Block Bot. Right?

Jul 29 2013

Oh, But This Is Different

Screen shot of two comments. Text provided in the post.

Anyone want to take bets on this?

Jul 23 2013

#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics

Saturday’s panel, now with lots of shiny, shiny links.

Jul 22 2013

I Get (Other People’s) Email

We can’t have censorship, now, can we?

Jul 19 2013

My FtBConscience Schedule

I have a busy weekend coming up.

Jul 18 2013

So You Want to Argue About Evo Psych

Then maybe you should watch the video to find out what we actually said.

Jul 17 2013

But It Changed the World Anyway

What do On the Origin of Species, Broca’s aphasia, the origins of anthropology, the Society of Mutual Autopsy, and early sexist brain science have in common?

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