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Nov 04 2013

More Corroboration of Shermer Groping Incident

Screen cap of Facebook comment. Text provided in the post.

It isn’t anyone you’d expect it to be.

Oct 31 2013

The First Rule of TAM

Carrie Poppy came out with some new information about Michael Shermer and D.J. Grothe yesterday, as well as a recommendation.

Oct 29 2013

Can I Skip My Own Conference?

This is a good sort of problem for a movement to have, right?

Oct 28 2013

You, SMBC Style

But wait, you ask. Why on earth should I donate to ANOTHER conference? Are there not enough of the things already?

Oct 10 2013

Dealing with Public Criticism

This year’s Skepticon workshop topic: dealing with public criticism.

Sep 22 2013

Zombie Racism

The funniest frame for talking about racism you’re ever likely to see.

Sep 05 2013

Defending Dawkins, or How Many Standards Do We Need?

Screen capture of a tweet. Text provided in the post.

Isn’t it about time we got a single set for this movement?

Aug 21 2013


Anybody else catch themselves thinking that miffing it after that was going to be extra embarassing?

Aug 16 2013

Shermer Speaks

Note to self: Self, if you ever want to keep something quiet, and you see an email from Ian Murphy, delete it unread.

Aug 11 2013

Thoughts on a Conference

Yesterday was busy. I’m mostly free-associating still.

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