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Jul 13 2014

He Said/She Said at #TAM2014

Am I going to address the talk by Carol Tavris on rape allegations and rape culture that she gave at TAM on Friday night? Maybe.

Jul 11 2014

About This CONvergence Thing

I’m recovering from con crud (slept until four Tuesday afternoon and still got to bed reasonably early Wednesday night, as a measure of strain on my body). Since CONvergence has been with me a few days longer than expected, I might as well write a little bit about the experience. Goodness knows I’m not getting …

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Jul 05 2014

Returning to the Scene, Or Coming Back After Harassment

Let us help you get things right, because ultimately, it’s going to be you who bears the blame and criticism if and when you get it wrong.

Jul 03 2014

How to Moderate a Panel

It does take work to moderate a panel discussion, but it’s not hard once you know what you’re doing.

Jun 26 2014

Find Me at CONvergence

I’m not sure why everyone is so excited to get their CONvergence/SkepchickCon schedules up. I mean, the con is a whole week away! (Eek, it’s only a week away!) (Yay, only one more week to CONvergence!) All right. Here’s where I can be found over the Fourth of July weekend: Thursday, July 3 When Science …

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Jun 25 2014

Tell Us What You Want to See at FtBCon3

Graphic of call for proposals. All information included in the link above the image.

Tell us what sessions you want to see for FtBCon3.

May 19 2014

Atheists Are the Worst

Just in case you thought all the hashtag trolling came from anonymous folks on the internet.

May 16 2014

Meeting Creepy

Two panels of cartoon. Panel one: Fan says, "Hi! Um, I'm a huge fan. I've read all your work!" Artist says, "Thank you!" Panel 2: Fan looks stressed and says, "Oh, God, that must sound so CREEPY!"

With Women in Secularism this weekend, this seemed like a good time to talk about where the boundaries fall for meeting creepy with fans.

Apr 10 2014

So You’ve Got Yourself a Policy. Now What?

So you really, really want to get this right the first time, but all you have to go on is one ambiguous incident. This is not a fun place to be.

Apr 06 2014

Skeptech Is Over

Such conference. How talks. Many people. Wow.

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