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Apr 09 2013

The Reply

…to my opening statement is up at the dialog site. Discuss.

Apr 04 2013

Getting at the Differences

Photo of white researcher drawing blood from black subject. Two others look on smiling.

The dialog has reached the point at which it becomes a dialog.

Mar 31 2013

Working Together on Core Issues

Several stick figures holding hands.

The key to working together under circumstances like these is to understand that there are myriad solutions to each of our problems.

Mar 26 2013

Engaging in Dialog

I can’t tell you how this is going to go. All I can say is that I’m going to give it its best chance possible.

Mar 19 2013

A Platform for Reasonable Dialog (Updated)

It’s a great idea, but how do you get there? Not by wishing.

Mar 06 2013

Not About the Words

Two comments from Facebook. Text in the post.

The last thing we’re doing right now is having an argument over what words are polite.

Mar 03 2013

Keeping the Fires Burning

Maybe you should just let them apologize and move on.

Feb 14 2013

When You Can’t Walk Away

The problem is in asking people to pledge to treat everything, even being inescapably harassed, as debate.

Jan 30 2013

Terms (Update)

I expect something in return for my time and for all the crap that’s been thrown my way.

Jan 24 2013

Not Part of the Debate Club

Not all arguments are created equal.

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