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Jun 26 2013

Fuck Your Civility

If they really want to know how their version of “civility” fits into this, they can ask me. Very nicely.

Jun 16 2013

Feedback for American Atheists

And this is the crowd people say I should be in dialogue with. Thanks, folks.

May 21 2013

Now I’m a Nazi Sniper

Here’s an adorable little bit of propaganda that’s being passed around on one of the harasser hashtags.

May 16 2013

The Appeal to the Naive Observer

I get rather a remarkable number of comments like this one about a letter I sent to CFI regarding Justin Vacula’s attendance at the Women in Secularism conference this weekend. Attempting to have him excluded from the event –which is clearly the subtext of the letter you quote here, if it wasn’t why give them …

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May 14 2013

What “Dialogue” Does

A fetish for dialogue? I have a few things to say about that idea, as you can imagine.

Apr 23 2013

Satire, or Some Gun Control, Please!

Flag gun with "Satire!" on the flag.

Satire can be a formidable weapon, effective in achieving its aims, but also deadly.

Apr 23 2013

When It’s Time to Quit

Bredan Murphy gave up permission to quit at SkepTech.

Apr 15 2013

Moving Right Along

Picture of a man with blood on his hand and a bloody rag on his nose. Iranian colors in the background and caption, "Free and Fair?"

My disputed post has stopped being disputed and has been posted for discussion.

Apr 14 2013

Dialog Delayed

We’ll see what happens next.

Apr 12 2013

Reply the Second

The to-ing and the fro-ing continue.

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