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Sep 25 2012

By My Toes

This is how I feel right now whenever I stop moving.

Aug 10 2012

In Praise of Whistleblowers

Think releasing our emails would make Thunderf00t a “whistleblower”? Think harder.

Jul 04 2012

An Auspicious Beginning


Digging a new pit.

Jul 03 2012

But You *Must* Talk About the Letter


Apr 07 2012

What Am I Doing Here Again?

Taslima Nasreen? This place just keeps getting better.

Jan 31 2012

Around Freethought Blogs

Misplaced Komen Ad

Things not to miss on the network today.

Jan 27 2012

Troll Alert: Do Not Engage

Squashing the trolls is one thing; messing around with psychosis is entirely different. Please don’t.

Jan 13 2012

Views and Comments

Views versus Comments

Blog geekery from a “controversialist.”

Jan 05 2012

About Those Pageviews

Anything for those pageviews! Or maybe not. Also, a ridiculously cute facepalming cat.

Jan 01 2012


Some highlights of the year that was.

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