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Mar 04 2014

Help Me Go to Women in Secularism 3?

Yes, despite the shenanigans at last year’s Women in Secularism conference, I very much want to attend this year’s.

Nov 01 2013

It Lives

Interested in reading FtB without ads?

Oct 14 2013

So You Want to Support Almost Diamonds

It’s time to stop pretending things are as they ever were and let those of you who want to and can help, help.

Oct 11 2013

Blog of the Year

This is what I woke up to this morning.

Apr 17 2013

Invitation: A Week Away

Let’s put this “cat’s away” time to good use.

Feb 01 2013

The Problem with Resisting Propaganda

A shameless combination of compliments and nonchalance.

Jan 02 2013

Tomorrow’s Skeptics Today (Update)

These bloggers are the future of our movements. Go pay them some nice attention.

Jan 01 2013

A Taste of 2012

How I spent 2012 in blog terms.

Dec 03 2012

Spam Attack

Stupid spam.

Oct 07 2012

Petition Week: The Comments (Updated)

Any comment that I send to you is written with the full expectation that it will not be published. Still, on occasion I find myself compelled to express my disagreement with your thoughts or behaviour, well satisfied to think that you alone have read them. Like Fox News you provide a seemingly endless source of entertainment for folks blessed with a sufficiently developed sense of humour. For that, Stephanie, I thank you. In the interest of transparency I hope this does get published, but I certainly do not expect that to be the case.

Does everyone feel enlightened now that the moderated comments have seen the light of day?

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