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Dec 28 2011

It’s the Authority, Stupid

Oh, Massimo. It’s only dogma if you can’t cite your sources. And what better source than God?

Dec 22 2011

The Alternatives to Confrontationalism

If you don’t want confrontation, Chris, you’d better be able to offer an alternative.

Dec 14 2011

With Faith, Nothing Is Impermissible

In fact, it might just be “required.”

Dec 09 2011

Why I Will Not Be Adopted

Bill Donohue probably thinks it’s because I’m afraid. He’s right.

Dec 05 2011

How an Authoritarian Protects the Vulnerable

Sure, Sheriff Arpaio is tough on crime. Unless the victims are immigrant children.

Nov 10 2011

Understanding Penn State

While the media repeat the same facts over and over, there are a few people telling you what you need to know.

Nov 07 2011

The Police Must Be Protected

Good thing they’ve got that riot gear.

Oct 13 2011

Evil Enough Already

Screen shot 2011-10-13 at 10.41.29 AM

There are plenty of anti-religious critiques to be made of Canadian residential school history. Can we please, please, not pass this particular story around with gasps and pointing fingers? Not unless and until it checks out?

Sep 06 2011

Women Can Teach; You Just Can’t Be Obliged to Listen

Well, sure women can speak. You can even listen. Just don’t let them be in–God forbid–any position of authority.

Sep 05 2011

The Contraband Library

What could make a Catholic schoolgirl more appealing than running a lending library of books her school has banned?

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