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Feb 10 2013

When You Already Are the Middle Ground

The important thing about these “debates”, aside from acknowledging that they are used to hurt and control people, is to recognize their shape.

Dec 09 2012

We Have No Authority

You don’t have to be as big as the Catholic Church to be rotten with corruption on the topic of childhood sexual assault.

Nov 16 2012

Speaking for the Religious

When atheists criticize religion, we alienate the religious. Right?

Oct 17 2012

It’s the Authority, Stupid

Let the dogmatists butt heads while you go get something done. That’s when you find the real problem.

Jul 01 2012

How They Do It

You’d think someone would have recognized the pattern by now, but I guess not.

Apr 18 2012

At Least He’s Trying

Another local rape scandal in a church, and why it’s a good thing the church isn’t Catholic.

Apr 02 2012

Iowa Jury Decides Assault Just Fine for Pastors

Or, protecting the church from teenagers who swear.

Feb 07 2012

How to Fix a Bad Pastor

Finding solutions in unexpected places…depending on how you define “unexpected”.

Feb 04 2012

Catholics Still Trying to “Kill the Indian”

Echoes of an appalling legacy.

Jan 08 2012

D.J. Grothe on the Feminist and Atheist Blogospheres

“…often operate quite separately from and counter the growing skeptical movement working to combat unreason and harmful pseudoscience in society.”

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