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Apr 08 2014

We Used to Be a Duo

This made me very happy.

Apr 03 2014

How Does This Become a Thing?

Off in a random corner of YouTube, I accidentally discovered mime dance.

Mar 25 2014

Hind, Heart, and Head

If, like me, you still haven’t seen this puppetry, you need to watch this.

Mar 13 2014

My Villain, My Hero

Oh, how have I not seen this before?

Mar 09 2014

In Which Sara Mayhew Abuses Copyright to Harass

Animated gif, showing the transformation described in the text.

This is just one more piece of her harassment and libel campaign that has carried on for more than a year.

Feb 03 2014

About Actors

So, you need to know something about actors.

Nov 06 2013

The Invisible Lighthouse

If you have any fondness for the man or his music, you’ll want to see this show.

Nov 01 2013

The Tone Troll

Charcoal sketch of an angry-looking troll on some rocks holding up a tuning fork.

Isn’t he a beauty?

Jun 01 2013


Find out just how much more powerful Shelley Segal’s songs and voice are in person.

May 14 2013

That’s What Jolly Meant

Paul Bunyon looking very bear-ish in cutoff shorts, arm in arm with the Jolly Green Giant. Text: In Minnesota, "Equal" Equals Love.

Because, you know, I needed another reason to be happy about this.

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