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Jun 24 2014

Nick Cave: A Long Wait

It was 2001, September. I had tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the end of the month for my birthday.

Jun 17 2014

Hidden in the Stairwell

Painting of woman with flowing hair, no irises or pupils, and an atomic symbol on the back of her hand.

One of the first things I did on starting my new job was find the stairwell.

Jun 12 2014

TBT: Man of the Cloth

Yeah, that crush isn’t going away any time soon.

May 27 2014

An Easy Escape

Shelley Segal is about to release her new album on Friday (or, if you’re in the U.S. and keep a daytime schedule, while you’re sleeping Thursday night).

May 22 2014

TBT: A Little Too Alive

I expected it to be funny. It almost was–the first time. After that, it just got more disturbing.

May 20 2014

A Very Funny Lady

Miss the banquet at WiS this year? Despair, ye. Just not for very long.

May 15 2014

TBT: The Tyranny of the Original Idea

Almost any writer out there will tell you that ideas are cheap and plentiful. It’s the execution that matters.

May 13 2014

When They Called Me, “Rasta”

“Here is what they said when they called me, ‘Rasta’.”

May 06 2014


Let’s just say there’s a little more to hula dancing than the stereotypes.

Apr 29 2014

Swim Home

He called himself Mikael the Mime, but that doesn’t start to get at what he did.

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