Mar 10 2014

Who’s Going Bowling?

For those of you who’ve never heard of the National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon, this is an April event put together by the National Network of Abortion Funds that raises money to…here, they can explain:

The Bowl-a-Thon is a nationwide series of local events that allow community members (you!) to captain your own bowling team, participate in a kickass national event – and raise money to help women and girls pay for abortions they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Abortion funds are local, grassroots groups that work tirelessly to help low-income and disadvantaged women who want an abortion and do not have enough money to pay for it. Abortion funds help pay forabortions, help buy bus or plane tickets, and even offer a place to stay for those who have to travel for an abortion. Abortion funds make a real difference…and you can join them!

If you want to donate, they have a list of organizations with Bowl-a-Thon events. However, they don’t list every agency there, and, well, it’s often more fun to support someone you know. So I’d like to find people who have some connection to this community and highlight them.

I already know of a few. Brianne Bilyeu of Biodork is bowling, and Niki M., who participated in FtBCon last month, is on her team. Sarah Moglia of Skepchick is team Coup de Twat for the event. Who else out there is part of this great event?


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  1. 1

    We are participating as soon as we can agree on a team name. I know! I know.

    But, yeah. Maybe we should just go with Godless Committee of Endless Discussion.

  2. 2
    Johnny Au Gratin

    I am bowling with six amazing friends (so far) for The Kentucky Support Network. Our team is The Guttermaker Institute, permission was asked of the actual Guttmacher Institute and they graciously endorsed the name. Link for donations: http://bowlathon.nnaf.org/nnafbowl/teampage.asp?fundid=2027

  3. 3
    Nicole Introvert

    I volunteer as a Clinic Escort in Virginia with Richmond Clinic Defense. A handful of the escorts created a team which will raise funds for the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project. My donation page is here: http://bowlathon.nnaf.org/nnafbowl/participantpage.asp?uid=6964&fundid=1790

  4. 4

    The Center for inquiry – Northeast Ohio Unholy Rollers now has a team and can start raising money. Donate to us, because we have to beat out the other two godless groups in the area that are going to set up teams as well. :P


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