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Feb 28 2014

Another Way to Fleece the Flock

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All that calling something like this a ministry does is change the group of people who throw away their money.

Feb 27 2014

Investment, Disclosure, and Skepticism

A rendered picture of an unbalanced set of scales.

Is his involvement in this topic why Radford is writing terrible posts on it? I don’t know.

Feb 22 2014

Saturday Storytime: Home by the Sea

“Is it a lady, Mommy?”

Feb 21 2014

“Christian Nation”, Fred Rich on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as Fred Rich talks about his book, Christian Nation: A Novel and the plausibility of the threat it presents.

Feb 20 2014

So You Want to Brave a Blizzard

If you’re tired of letting winter dictate your plans, come see me and a great panel of people at CASH’s meeting at the U tonight.

Feb 19 2014

Today in Christian Persecution

In which the contextualized general is made to stand in for the universal. For story.

Feb 17 2014

How to Suppress Writing Women

Painting of very muscled man in a cold tech environment. He's naked with a shadow, cables, and some steam covering roughly what a pair of shorts would cover.

With apologies to Joanna Russ.

Feb 15 2014

Saturday Storytime: Fire Above, Fire Below

‘“What’s the Oldgate fire got to do with a pigeon house?” asked the mayor suspiciously.’

Feb 14 2014

“This Week in Skepticism” Minnesota Skeptics on Atheists Talk

This Sunday we are joined by Travis Peterson and Erica Mahlum, organizers for the group Minnesota Skeptics.

Feb 13 2014

People of Color Beyond Faith Online Conference This Weekend!

Cool things to watch while the weather is horrible.

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