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Dec 30 2013

Mock the Movie: Slimy New Year Edition

No, you’re not still drunk from your celebrations the night before (I hope).

Dec 30 2013

Anti-Theist Activism Is Social Justice Activism

Photo of a painting. Three skeletons sit on three bombs in the classic, "see no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil" pose. The three bombs are marked with the Star of David, the cross, and the star and crescent.

Let’s stop with this talk that anti-theist activism is somehow opposed to social justice activism.

Dec 28 2013

Saturday Storytime: Boat in Shadows, Crossing

“And her parents thought, and conferred, and spoke to their cousins and their neighbors, who all agreed: a girl with such a talent could marry well.”

Dec 27 2013

Permission to Shock and Anger

Dave Silverman quote printed over a blue Christmas tree.

On Chris Stedman, Bill O’Reilly, and the War on Christmas.

Dec 27 2013

“A Manual for Creating Atheists”, Peter Boghossian on Atheists Talk

Dr. Peter Boghossian joins us to discuss his newly published book, A Manual for Creating Atheists.

Dec 25 2013

In Defense of Humbug

In which Jay Smooth, as usual, says the needful.

Dec 21 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Ghosts of Christmas

“And then a terrible thought came to me. Or crystallised in me. Formed out of all the things I was. Was already written in me.”

Dec 21 2013

“Not Home for the Holidays”, Sarah Morehead on Atheists Talk

Sarah Morehead, Executive Director of Recovering from Religion, joins us this Sunday to talk about the challenges formerly religious atheists face during this time of year and some of the ways people find to cope.

Dec 14 2013

Saturday Storytime: Blood Makes Noise

And as though he’s read my mind—

—which may, I suspect, no longer be quite as hard to do as it once was—”

Dec 14 2013

“A Better Life”, Chris Johnson on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as we talk to Chris Johnson about the making of his beautiful new book.

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