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Nov 30 2013

Saturday Storytime: Hunger: A Confession

“So that was my life—interminable days of boredom, torturous insomniac nights.”

Nov 30 2013

“Think: Why You Should Question Everything”, Guy P. Harrison on Atheists Talk

Author Guy P. Harrison, honored guest of Atheists Talk, returns once again to discuss science, skepticism and critical thinking.

Nov 24 2013

Puppies, the New Accuracy?

Screen cap of tweet from Sharon Hill (@IDoubtIt). Text: I think @szvan and the #blockbot folks have issues; they need to look at cute puppies. http://instagram.com/p/g-0ttJPoAv/ OK, I'm done now.

The puppy also made no statement about Skepticon.

Nov 23 2013

“Abominable Science!”, Donald Prothero on Atheists Talk

Join us to hear palaeontologist Donald Prothero talk about cryptids and all-too-real science denialists.

Nov 22 2013

Skepticon, Guns, and Policies

Screen cap of tweet. Text provided in the post.

This is the reaction I want to see from a conference organizer when something bad happens.

Nov 16 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Jackal’s Wedding

“Stay away from him,” Father told her later, but he always said that.

Nov 15 2013

Handling Criticism: Beware the Legal Option

In October 2000, American McGee’s Alice came out to a good bit of fanfare. In the dark video game, Alice Liddell has gone down the dark rabbit hole of madness after losing her family in a house fire. Using her vorpal blade and other weapons derived from Wonderland and the land behind the looking glass, …

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Nov 15 2013

“50 Great Myths About Atheism”, Russell Blackford on Atheists Talk

Russell Blackford joins us this Sunday to talk about his new book with Udo Schüklenk.

Nov 14 2013

Handling Criticism: Focus on the Reasonable

You can’t get so sidetracked by how you’re being treated that you stop handling the problem.

Nov 14 2013

Don’t Miss Skepticon Workshops!

If you’ll be at Skepticon tomorrow morning or early afternoon, don’t miss your chance to be part of the workshops.

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