Monthly Archive: September 2013

Sep 30 2013

Allies and Identities

Photo of three action figures--Gold, Iron Man, and the Tin Man--arm in arm.

Define “ally”? Sure. Simple. Right?

Sep 28 2013

Saturday Storytime: Teffeu: A Book from the Library at Taarona

When my books empty out at night, they go to the library at Taarona.

Sep 28 2013

“Fifth Report of the IPCC”, Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

More importantly, what do we need to do about it?

Sep 24 2013

Hell If I Know, Facebook, or Care

Dear Facebook: You’re behaving ridiculously. Stop it.

Sep 24 2013

Get Those Atheists Into Church

Get involved with Interview an Atheist at Church Day.

Sep 23 2013

Mock the Movie: Junior High Edition

Time once again to decide which of the annoying people on screen should die first.

Sep 23 2013

“That’s Their Problem”

A surprising reply to two practical considerations.

Sep 22 2013

Zombie Racism

The funniest frame for talking about racism you’re ever likely to see.

Sep 21 2013

Questions on a Block Bot (Updated)

Answering a few questions as a supporter who doesn’t use the bot.

Sep 21 2013

Saturday Storytime: One of Twins

“But how had I known that this man’s name was Margovan?”

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