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Aug 24 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Telling

“The Lord is dead. The bees will need telling.”

Aug 23 2013

I Am a False Rape Allegation Statistic

There was so much physical evidence it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be believed.

Aug 21 2013


Anybody else catch themselves thinking that miffing it after that was going to be extra embarassing?

Aug 21 2013

In Which I Falsely Report a Rape

…according to the slime pit.

Aug 20 2013

Two Quick Tests

Have a couple of quick heuristics to make your life easier.

Aug 17 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Castle That Jack Built

“He thought the bears had smiled, though that might just have been wishful thinking.”

Aug 17 2013

“The Happy Atheist”, PZ Myers on Atheists Talk

Tune in this Sunday, when we talk to PZ Myers about his new book and what he’s accomplished as a blogger.

Aug 16 2013

Shermer Speaks

Note to self: Self, if you ever want to keep something quiet, and you see an email from Ian Murphy, delete it unread.

Aug 15 2013

How Funny Is That?

Screen shot of D.J. Grothe comment from Facebook. Text provided in the post.

Wait. You mean he thinks Greta and Jen and Miri and I are all prudes?

Aug 14 2013

How Many Do We Lose?

How many good, professional activists do we let be driven away before we put an end to this?

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