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Aug 31 2013

Saturday Storytime: Sister Twelve: Confessions of a Party Monster

“What happens underground, stays underground.”

Aug 30 2013

Poo at a Wall, Part I (Update)

Screen capture of tweets. Text provided in the post.

As promised/threatened, Edie Kendel has taken to “exposing” me.

Aug 30 2013

Atheist Shoes Revisited, David Bonney on Atheists Talk

This Sunday, we catch up and find out what he’s been up to.

Aug 29 2013

Prepare for the Blazing

Screen capture of tweets. Text provided in the post.

I guess I’m gonna get it.

Aug 27 2013

What Mother Jones Missed

Screen shot of Storify page showing link: http://bit.ly/elevatorgate-storify

If you’re a reporter looking to cover Elevatorgate properly, there’s some digging to be done.

Aug 27 2013

One More Defender

Screen shot of tweets from PZ Myers and @miserere22. Text provided in the post.

You’re wandering around the internet, looking at other things, and there you find someone expressing their thoughts on the Shermer rape allegations.

Aug 26 2013

Dear John Loftus (Update)

When did you decide that there was something someone could tell you about a woman that would make that woman unrapeable?

Aug 26 2013

Mock the Movie: Hostile Takeover Edition

Taste the paranoia.

Aug 25 2013

Someone Is Confused About Ethics

Yes, atheist ethics are often poorly thought out. And?

Aug 24 2013

“Nailed” David Fitzgerald on Atheists Talk

David Fitzgerald is back on Atheists Talk!

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