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Jul 31 2013

MN Atheists in the Local Press, Good and Bad

Funny how much snarkier it gets when it’s non-atheists writing about atheists having a good time.

Jul 29 2013

Oh, But This Is Different

Screen shot of two comments. Text provided in the post.

Anyone want to take bets on this?

Jul 29 2013

Mock the Movie: Explosive Decompression Edition

Is 23 years too soon for spoilers?

Jul 28 2013

Very Different Objections to Talking Abortion Rights

When atheists on the left and the right object to the same event, you can really see the differences in styles.

Jul 27 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Man Who Walked Home

“It was not a large crater; just over a kilometer in width and lacking the usual displacement lip.”

Jul 26 2013

Dig Deeper

Here’s to hoping Englehart–or the next journalist to pick up on this situation–digs further than Englehart did here.

Jul 26 2013

“Hope After Faith”, Jerry DeWitt on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday as DeWitt talks to us about his new book.

Jul 23 2013

#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics

Saturday’s panel, now with lots of shiny, shiny links.

Jul 22 2013

I Get (Other People’s) Email

We can’t have censorship, now, can we?

Jul 20 2013

Saturday Storytime: Get a Grip

‘He smiled. “You don’t know, do you?”‘

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