Monthly Archive: June 2013

Jun 24 2013

Watching and Waiting

Sometimes you come across things that shouldn’t be ignored.

Jun 23 2013

The “Campaign” to Replace Ron Lindsay

I really don’t know what else to say to this, except that the allegations you may have seen aren’t true.

Jun 23 2013

Apologies Are Hard

They’re almost never ideal, for lots of reasons.

Jun 22 2013

Saturday Storytime: Draco, Draco

“You perceive the sense in the gentle part. A girl with a temper might start a ruckus.”

Jun 22 2013

“Skepticism 101″, Michael Shermer on Atheists Talk

This Sunday Dr. Shermer joins Atheists Talk to discuss his course Skepticism 101: How to Think Like a Scientist.

Jun 21 2013

Why Paula Deen Matters

Maybe you already laughed at her for something that has nothing to do with this deposition. Fine.

Jun 19 2013

You Agree to Help Create a Space

In which I kind of love Readercon’s new policies.

Jun 18 2013

What I’m Doing About That

So, about that CFI board…statement.

Jun 17 2013

What I Have to Say About That

When faced with so little substance, Twitter really seems the appropriate medium.

Jun 17 2013

Mock the Movie: Wingnut Edition

From libertarian douchebags to Chuck Norris. What a stretch.

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