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Jun 29 2013

Opening Ranks

Tweets from Patrick Nielsen Harris. Text reproduced in the post.

This is what I’ll point to any time I need to show people how this should be done.

Jun 29 2013

Saturday Storytime: My Mother’s Body

“It’s different now that it’s my own body.”

Jun 28 2013

Let Me Tell You a Story

It’s weird enough that I’ve talked about for nearly 11 years, and it’s part of a pattern that I’m told has gone on longer than that.

Jun 28 2013

“Paleofantasy”, Marlene Zuk on Atheists Talk

Join us this Sunday when Dr. Zuk shatters our myths and replaces them with reality.

Jun 27 2013

Telling Time

It’s time to tell Time what we do.

Jun 26 2013

Fuck Your Civility

If they really want to know how their version of “civility” fits into this, they can ask me. Very nicely.

Jun 26 2013


Tweet from 11 minutes before the end of the legislative session. Text quoted in the post.

Because apparently screaming is what it takes.

Jun 25 2013

Continuing Today’s Theme

Tweet from Sara Mayhew. Text in the post. Three retweets; one favorite.


Jun 25 2013


On Friday, Point of Inquiry’s two co-hosts—Indre Viskontas and Chris Mooney—resigned from their positions at the Center for Inquiry.

Jun 25 2013

Yay for “Support”

Yay for people getting “pissed off” about harassment. Yay for “support”.

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