Monthly Archive: May 2013

May 23 2013

The Strike at Putney

“I think,” she said decidedly, “that we must strike.”

May 23 2013

A Very Uncomfortable Place

I have a board meeting tomorrow. What do I do?

May 22 2013

Vacula v. Silverman

In readable form.

May 21 2013

Now I’m a Nazi Sniper

Here’s an adorable little bit of propaganda that’s being passed around on one of the harasser hashtags.

May 20 2013

The Hand That Feeds Me?

If anyone wants to complain about me complaining, I’ve got a very nice hand they can talk to. They’ll find it a bit tough to chew on.

May 20 2013

Mock the Movie: Xtreme Xercise Edition

There will be Tae Bo jokes.

May 19 2013

An Alternate Universe

Yes, Rebecca Watson does live in an alternate universe. So do I.

May 18 2013

Girls: Missing Victims of Religious Sexual Abuse?

A report on child sexual assault in religious institutions gives us much more than stereotypes to work with.

May 18 2013

Saturday Storytime: Come to My Arms, My Beamish Boy

“I guess… this will probably be the last visit?”

May 17 2013

A Comedy Crush

In case you’re looking for a new comedian to follow.

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