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May 31 2013

American Atheists, David Silverman on Atheists Talk

Listen this Sunday when Silverman joins us to talk about American Atheists’ past, present, and future.

May 30 2013

Memory Lane

“I agree with Polly-O!”

May 30 2013

Lobbying a “Necessary Evil”?

In which Massimo Pigliucci uncharacteristically fails to make a good case for his position.

May 29 2013

That Isn’t How It Works

Facebook exchange. Text in the post.

They only care that no one be able to tell them what they can or can’t do, who they can or can’t use for their sport.

May 29 2013

What Matters Determines Who Matters

When mattering matters to so many people, it’s time to think hard about what we tell people they can do to matter.

May 28 2013

#FBRape (Update)

Feeling moved to action after Women in Secularism? Join one of the speakers in making a difference.

May 27 2013

Fallen Warriors

We suck at remembering.

May 25 2013

“God and the Atom”, Victor Stenger on Atheists Talk

Renowned particle physicist, professor, author, skeptic and atheist activist Victor Stenger joins Atheists Talk this Sunday.

May 25 2013

Saturday Storytime: Mantis Wives

“What is the art of the men, that they remain to die at the hands of their wives? What is the art of the wives, that they kill?”

May 24 2013

“She Cut Me Off and Blocked Me”

Travis Roy arguing with Harriet Hall, agreeing with Sara Mayhew that Amy is two-faced and telling the same story he tells in the comment at the top of this post.

A great example of the petty crap we’re handed for speaking our minds.

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