Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 14 2013

Dialog Delayed

We’ll see what happens next.

Apr 14 2013

Denied and Disruptive

Don’t tell the world you know your rights, and you won’t receive them. Tell them loudly enough to be heard, and you’re disruptive.

Apr 13 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Day Coffee Stopped Working

Science fiction doesn’t have to be serious in order to be serious science fiction.

Apr 12 2013

Reply the Second

The to-ing and the fro-ing continue.

Apr 12 2013

“Denialism on a Large Scale”, Greg Laden on Atheists Talk

Denialism tactics and strange bedfellows.

Apr 09 2013

Sex in Cyberspace

How else do you get people to come to your early morning sessions at a conference?

Apr 09 2013

The Reply

…to my opening statement is up at the dialog site. Discuss.

Apr 08 2013

Mock the Movie: Friday Edition

Moving the date for this week’s showing. In return, we offer something that isn’t total crap.

Apr 07 2013

The Unbelievably Fun Conference

Promotional pic for conference with speaker pictures. Text in post.

Susan Jacoby! *squee*

Apr 06 2013

Saturday Storytime: Five Ways to Fall in Love on Planet Porcelain

“‘It’s barbaric,’ he said, but she heard only love and appreciation in his voice.”

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