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Mar 31 2013

Working Together on Core Issues

Several stick figures holding hands.

The key to working together under circumstances like these is to understand that there are myriad solutions to each of our problems.

Mar 30 2013

Saturday Storytime: Robot

“The pamphlets say you are the perfect scavenger: completely self contained, no digestion, no waste”

Mar 29 2013

How to Apologize

Well, it’s how you do it when you don’t mean a word of it, anyway.

Mar 29 2013

“Atheist Evangelism” Roger Scott Jackson (Sam Singleton) on Atheists Talk

Join us as we speak with Roger Scott Jackson about his life, his atheism, and his portrayal of Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist.

Mar 28 2013

It Must Have Been the Pressure

Comparing the response to the response to the response.

Mar 28 2013

Money for Nothing

So, so very close.

Mar 27 2013

Paying for Their Protests

Good Friday traditions.

Mar 27 2013


Is this your sort of thing, or do you now need to listen to figure out what sort of thing it is?

Mar 26 2013

Engaging in Dialog

I can’t tell you how this is going to go. All I can say is that I’m going to give it its best chance possible.

Mar 26 2013

Interfaith Dialog at Normandale

Flyer for dialog between Christian, Humanist, Muslim, and Jewish representatives.

If you’re free on the afternoon of April 9, please come out and join us at Normandale Community College.

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