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Feb 14 2013

A Valentine’s Day Story

Radish sitting on top of an orange in a fruit bowl with a heart carved out of the orange peel.

I’ll be making soup again this weekend by request.

Feb 13 2013

When Even “Better” Is the Enemy

Is this not worth taking the risk?

Feb 12 2013

A “Deep Human History” of Polyandry

It will be interesting to see whether the evolutionary psychology community incorporates this observation going forward.

Feb 12 2013

Time to Go to Medical School

Quick and easy to understand, each of these videos covers an aspect of normal or “abnormal” human physiology.

Feb 11 2013

How Not to Handle Migraines

So you wanted to know more about those migraines….

Feb 11 2013

Worth Getting Right

Kate Clancy helps you understand why a lot of us don’t find the vast majority of evolutionary psychology terribly convincing.

Feb 11 2013

Mock the Movie: Evil Prophylaxis Edition

I am not writer enough to do this Troma-distributed film justice.

Feb 10 2013

When You Already Are the Middle Ground

The important thing about these “debates”, aside from acknowledging that they are used to hurt and control people, is to recognize their shape.

Feb 09 2013

Atheists Talk: Dan Riley on “Generation Atheist”

Dan Riley joins us Sunday to discuss his inspiration for and insights from collecting the stories in Generation Atheist.

Feb 09 2013

Saturday Storytime: The Dead Girl’s Wedding March

“There is no change in this city. Indeed, it would be the destruction of us all.”

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