Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 22 2013

Atheists Talk: Jacob Berkowitz on “The Stardust Revolution”

Jacob Berkowitz joins us this Sunday to talk about the past, present, and potential future of astrobiology.

Feb 21 2013

Better Than This

Am I hard on people? Yes, I’m hard on people sometimes.

Feb 20 2013

A System That Doesn’t See People

This isn’t your average Black History Month list of inventions that can be repeated year after year without change or thought.

Feb 19 2013

Hang Your Hat on a Goalpost

No, we never provide evidence…because they decide it isn’t evidence.

Feb 18 2013

We Are Mental Illness

Personal stories from the people living them.

Feb 17 2013

Guess Who’s Going to Women in Secularism

Congratulations to all, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Feb 16 2013

Saturday Storytime: My Voice Is in My Sword

“By not looking at him, we made his presence all the more obvious.”

Feb 15 2013

Sending Sally (Update)

Using my own lack of pseudonymity to protect someone else’s.

Feb 15 2013

Atheists Talk: Rebecca Hale on AHA

Hale joins us this Sunday to talk about her work, her passion for humanism, and AHA’s priorities under her leadership.

Feb 14 2013

When You Can’t Walk Away

The problem is in asking people to pledge to treat everything, even being inescapably harassed, as debate.

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