How Not to Handle Migraines

I mentioned in my post last week on migraines that there would be a carnival on pet peeves this week. It’s up now for those of you who found something of value in my post. Really, though, anyone who has a migraineur or two in their lives might find the carnival worthwhile. There are a certain number of commonalities in the kinds of statements that set people off.


  1. timberwoof says

    One of my pet peeves is people who say that migraines are [i]the worst headache you’ve ever had in your life[/i] with the implication that if it’s not that bad, it’s not a migraine, just an ordinary headache, so take some aspirin and quit your whining.

    The truth is that some people get headaches that are migraines … just not as bad … yet are treatable and preventable with the same sorts of attention to triggers and medications. And wine doesn’t have to be the “cheap stuff” to cause a headache.

  2. nakarti says

    Ben I’m sure some people who get migraines say the same about cluster headache sufferers.
    Wine doesn’t have to be the cheap stuff to cause nausea either. Maybe that’s a connection…

    I don’t get headaches often or bad enough to really have pet peeves about that, but I don’t like talking about other people’s chronic medical issues for the same reason Stephanie doesn’t like people starting conversation with her about headaches.