Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 28 2013

Why We Get Harassed

Drawing of beaver face with text "Dammed if you do. Dammed if you don't."

So Vacula–and whomever else that “we” represents–want a response. Try this one on for size.

Feb 28 2013

I’m So Mean

Poor Ben.

Feb 27 2013

Have You Heard the Good News?

We can make this happen.

Feb 27 2013

Lil Women


Feb 26 2013

Vacula Talks (Updated)

I assume there was a reason it wasn’t all written down in plain text for quoting.

Feb 26 2013

Think About the Consequences!

Young woman looking very skeptical.

Remember this next time you see someone disagree with you about whether that “reasonable” argument is really so reasonable.

Feb 25 2013

But Men Work More Hours

Let’s pull apart this idea of working hours.

Feb 25 2013

Mock the Movie: Black Leotard Edition

“Astronauts travel to the moon where they discover it is inhabited by attractive young women in black tights.”

Feb 24 2013

Young, Sick and Invisible

“You wade through a constant stream of ignorance and lies, in a desperate attempt to find peace and a stop to pain.”

Feb 23 2013

Saturday Storytime: Nanny’s Day

“They’re thinking of renaming Mother’s Day. Calling it Nanny’s Day or Caregiver’s Day or something like that.”

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