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Jan 15 2013

With Relatively Little Power…

Photo of pillory against a brick wall.

“Witch hunt”. “Talibanesque”. “Feminazi”. “Femistazi”. “Totalitarian”. “McCarthy-ist”.

Jan 15 2013

In Their Own Voices (Updated)

You don’t always need my brilliant pearls of wisdom.

Jan 14 2013

Mock the Movie: Scary Clown!

This Wednesday, MockTM dives into the world of bad decision making with horror film House of Fears.

Jan 13 2013

The Other Petition

I would hate for the petition creators to feel that their numbers were only a reflection of its limited distribution.

Jan 12 2013

Saturday Storytime: Trixie and the Pandas of Dread

Drifting a hairsbreadth above the pavement, Trixie pulled out her holy tablet and launched the Karmic Retribution app.

Jan 11 2013

You Count–Be Counted

If you’re one of the many people who have spoken up here, or nodded quietly while lurking, Adam Lee has given you an easy way to make your opinion known.

Jan 11 2013

Atheists Talk: Alom Shaha on “The Young Atheist’s Handbook”

If you pick up Alom Shaha’s The Young Atheist’s Handbook thinking you’re getting a how-to book, you may be disappointed.

Jan 10 2013

How Organizations Can Improve Movement Diversity

Plan for diversity the way you would for any other broad mission in your organization.

Jan 09 2013

Your Morning Victim Shaming

Apparently I should stop drinking, hide in my house, and get counseling I don’t actually need.

Jan 08 2013

Do You Know How Scary This Is?

Since Rebecca tweeted about drunkeness and rape, I’ve been seeing a response from generally well-meaning guys. (Yes, I do mean guys.) These are guys who “support” anti-rape efforts in that they are happy to stand up and tell anyone who will listen that rape is bad. They don’t exactly support the idea that we need …

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