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Jan 23 2013

A Time for Tears

We left determined. That’s what a conference should do.

Jan 22 2013

Drama Is Not Disagreement

Screen capture from the slime pit. Text quoted in the post.

Neither is giggling.

Jan 21 2013

Hanging On

“Thank you for being part of the reason why I’m just an asshole.”

Jan 20 2013


Then, “Would you consider running for the board?”

Jan 19 2013

Rape Goggles

Pic of tweet from Wooly Bumblebee. Text in post.

This one involves MRAs, Wooly Bumblebee, and the details of sexual assault. It’s not pretty.

Jan 19 2013

Saturday Storytime: Casualties

That had been a different life—a different world—and besides, that Jorge was dead.

Jan 18 2013

Pat Robertson? I Don’t Even….

I can’t even wrap my brain around this long enough to be squicked out.

Jan 18 2013

Atheists Talk: Seth Andrews on “Deconverted”

Seth Andrews joins Atheists Talk this Sunday to discuss his new book, Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason.

Jan 17 2013

The Role of Feminism in Secular Organizations

If we’re going to narrow our differences, it helps to start with a good definition of what those differences are.

Jan 16 2013

Portrait of Deceit

A long time ago, James Randi did something rather important for me. He lied.

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