Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 31 2013

Jesus Would Get Her Fired

The non-tipping pastor has managed to make things even worse.

Jan 30 2013

Terms (Update)

I expect something in return for my time and for all the crap that’s been thrown my way.

Jan 30 2013


It’s apparently now measured by the people you’ve interviewed. How do I do?

Jan 29 2013

WiS Travel Grants for FtB

So, who needs some help to get to Women in Secularism?

Jan 28 2013

The Role of Women in Secularism

I’m trying very hard and mostly failing to not come to the conclusion that people think accommodation is “women’s work”.

Jan 27 2013

When Denial Is Progress

Sometimes it’s the act of noticing out loud that makes the difference.

Jan 26 2013

Fetal Viability and Maternal Rights

Line graph of 0% to 100% of human rights. Fetus's line grows from 0% to 100% during the 6th and 7th months of pregnancy. Pregnant person's rights drop from 100% to 0% over the same period.

“At viability, a fetus be accorded the rights of any other human being.” Sure, but we’re not done yet.

Jan 26 2013

Saturday Storytime: Inventory

If you want to write a sex scene, make sure it advances plot or character.

Jan 25 2013

Atheists Talk: Bart Centre on “The Atheist Camel”

Centre will be joining us this week to talk about the events that have recently had him ranting.

Jan 24 2013

Not Part of the Debate Club

Not all arguments are created equal.

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