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Dec 14 2012

Atheist Myth #5: War on Christmas

This is a guest post from Mary Ellen Sykes, who runs the American Secular Census. It’s the third in a series of five posts that will run this week. Links to all the posts in this series can be found at the bottom of this post. Myth #5: Atheists are waging a War on Christmas. …

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Dec 13 2012

Joking About Rape

So Jamie Kilstein wrote a funny thing about rape.

Dec 13 2012

Atheist Myth #4: Ignorance of God

Atheists disbelieve because they are ignorant about God and religion.

Dec 12 2012

Chivalry Versus Civilization

Picture of a sword fight from a Renaissance Faire. Bad costumes, bad background.

Well played Esfahani Smith. Well played. Still badly wrong, though.

Dec 12 2012

Atheist Myth #3: Indoctrination

Atheists want to kick God out of public schools and indoctrinate children in atheism.

Dec 11 2012

Mock the Movie: Sci-Fi Caveman Edition

How can we resist? Well-oiled caveman with 80s hair meets dinosaurs and laser beams. Come on.

Dec 11 2012

Atheist Myth #2: A Government Against God

Atheists want a government that is anti-God and anti-religion.

Dec 10 2012

Evolutionary Psychology, Necessary Complexity, and the Null Hypothesis

Picture of graffito by Banksy: caveman with fast food burger, fries, and shake

What do we assume in the absence of evidence for an hypothesis?

Dec 10 2012

Atheist Myth #1: Contributing Nothing

American Secular Census logo, bar graph next to organization name.

Atheists are bitter, unhappy people who contribute nothing to society.

Dec 09 2012

We Have No Authority

You don’t have to be as big as the Catholic Church to be rotten with corruption on the topic of childhood sexual assault.

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