Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 19 2012

“Consent Is Hard”

Will it always be immediately clear whether someone wants to have sex with you? No. So what?

Dec 18 2012

Helping the Families

We can’t change what happened. We can’t make it better. We can, however, take one small worry off the plate of the families.

Dec 18 2012

A Violent Child

Screaming child in black and white.

I was scared that way too, once upon a time.

Dec 17 2012

Be Counted

The Atheist Census couldn’t stay down forever. Go take part.

Dec 17 2012

Rushing to Be Part of the Gun Problem

If you can’t talk about guns without being irrational and emotional, why should I let you own one?

Dec 16 2012

Christmas Conspiracy

It’s a little like having James Burke as your mad uncle. In all the best ways.

Dec 15 2012

In a Violent Context

When the incomprehensible happens, we are much happier if we can reduce the event to a single cause.

Dec 15 2012


I force myself to stand in the nyaki pose, that I first learned to hold when I was four, and watch my daughter fight for her life.

Dec 14 2012

On Political Correctness in Science

What it looks like when political considerations actually prevent scientific research.

Dec 14 2012

Atheists Talk: Dan Barker

Dan is in town for our Winter Solstice Dinner, and he joins us in the studio Sunday morning.

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