Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 26 2012

I Will Not Be Your “Model Victim”

No, you will not use me to make other harassed people feel and look worse.

Dec 25 2012

On Making Merry

I love that someone says we’re still allowed to have our melancholy and our minor keys.

Dec 23 2012

Still Not Disagreement

Don’t like the “personal” posts, the arguments between atheists? Go read something inspirational instead.

Dec 23 2012

Gaps in the Net

So Ed has been busy worrying us here at FtB this week.

Dec 22 2012

Cottage Cheese Cookies

Such an unassuming name for such a delicious thing.

Dec 22 2012

Saturday Storytime: Dance in Blue

However awkward family may be over the holidays for you, someone definitely has it worse.

Dec 21 2012

Readings in Evolutionary Psychology

A short selection of readings that may interest you.

Dec 21 2012

Atheists Talk Holiday Special

Yes, even atheists can put on a holiday special.

Dec 20 2012

I Am Mental Illness

A call for submissions for a series to personalize and destigmatize mental illness.

Dec 20 2012

It’s Just Disagreement

You see, it’s not trolling. It’s not hatred. It’s not abuse. It’s just criticism. It’s just disagreement. How can you not see the diff–


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