Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 31 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Specifics

Being specific, like so many of the other elements of constructive criticism, serves multiple purposes.

Dec 31 2012

Mock the Movie: Oops, But…Um…Look, Vampires!

Time for Abraham Lincoln and some vampires.

Dec 30 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Praise

When you start by listing the things that someone is doing right, it gets harder to overreact to something that is wrong.

Dec 30 2012

Mission Critical

Page banner showing 53,000+ likes and claiming the page to be a "bullshit-free zone".

I can’t possibly imagine why women would feel less than perfectly welcome in an atheist Facebook group like this. Can you?

Dec 29 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Timing

The greater the delay, the more likely criticism is to be viewed as blame, or even a grudge.

Dec 29 2012

Saturday Storytime: Wing

“What is written in the book around your neck?”

Dec 28 2012

Reconstructing Criticism: Transparency

Constructive criticism is presented in such a way that the recipient understands the criticism isn’t personal.

Dec 28 2012

Atheists Talk: John van Wyhe on Darwin’s Notebooks

Spreading the good word from the good books.

Dec 27 2012

Reconstructing Criticism

Time to revisit this series.

Dec 27 2012

Putting the “Post” in PTSD

Victims of trauma are our collective responsibility. How we treat them matters. What role will you play in their trauma or recovery?

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