Dec 16 2012

Christmas Conspiracy

It’s a little like having James Burke as your mad uncle. In all the best ways.

Bonus Ari below the fold.


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    It seems to me an injustice that this man has only 280 subscribers.

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    It’s up to atleast 283 now. Thanks for this link! I love his stuff and I’ve subscribed so I won’t miss anything new.

  3. 3

    Thanks, now I have to go watch Connections again.

    That was the best part of a James Burke piece. There is absolutely nothing logical or rational about how things came to be. It is all a mad combination of luck, chance, greed, and misfortune.

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    Around FtB » Pharyngula

    [...] Stephanie posts a wierdly entertaining rambling history of Christmas. Oh, yeah. That’s coming up. [...]

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