Freeze Peach!

Finally–finally!–I’ve gotten around to putting together a freeze peach design. People have been wanting t-shirts for a while. If you’re one of those people, click on the image to be taken to Zazzle. You’ve got until tomorrow to use their 15% off holiday code and six days to order for shipping by Christmas.

Peach in ice block with text: Freeze Peach! Not Sure What It Is, But It's Mine.Also available with white text for dark backgrounds.

Peach in ice block with text: Don't Take Mah Freeze Peach! Also available with white text for dark backgrounds.

Have text you’d rather see on the shirt? Leave a comment below. Also, all the designs in my Zazzle store can now be viewed in my Swag tab for easier browsing.


  1. Gen, Uppity Ingrate. says

    I agree, the way that people get about their freeze peaches is embarrassingly pathetic. I’ll take a “Don’t take mah freeze peach” one.

  2. F [disappearing] says


    I thought it was a self-referential comment subject to infinite regression.

  3. says

    You wouldn’t believe the number of trolls that have tried the ‘BUT FREEZE PEACH!!!1!’ maneuver over at the A+ forums. Is there any chance we could use a reduced version of one or other of these graphics as a forum smiley?


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