Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 25 2012

Unplug the Jukebox

Adam Ant is back.

Nov 24 2012

Child Sexual Abuse: What “Yucky” Means

Comparison of lifetime risk of various disorders between those with and without experience of child sexual abuse. Females and males reported separately. Discussed in the text.

Richard Dawkins is at it again, talking about things he doesn’t seem to know much about.

Nov 24 2012

Saturday Storytime: Household Management

For two days I have heard him pacing incessantly across his rooms, back and forth, up and down, muttering and cursing.

Nov 23 2012

Belated Thanks

A little late, but none the less heartfelt for that.

Nov 23 2012

Atheists Talk: Ivan Schwab on “Evolution’s Witness”

Being complex doesn’t make impossible to explain. It just makes them cool.

Nov 21 2012

Tonight on Dogma Debate

Live on the air tonight. Now’s your chance to ask tough questions!

Nov 21 2012

Ben’s Perfect Pie Crust

Tasty, flaky, and not likely to drive the baker to distraction.

Nov 21 2012

More Fun Than Tea Leaves

Graph. See description in the text.

Divination by blog traffic.

Nov 20 2012

Grandma’s Cranberry Relish

So you want cranberries that even the fussy kids will eat…

Nov 20 2012

The Point of Parental Notification

All parental notification and approval laws do is give a parent a chance to make a decision that everyone else has to pay for.

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