Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 30 2012

Geeking for Good

Is your Google-fu better than mine, up for the challenge of finding a long-lost game?

Nov 30 2012

Atheists Talk: Michael De Dora on the Campaign for Free Expression

CFI’s Michael De Dora joins us this Sunday to talk about his national and international work on secular issues.

Nov 29 2012

So Many Helpless Men

“Wasn’t she saying, ‘Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly?’ ” You mean the 11-year-old?

Nov 29 2012

Telling Our Stories

If you like story (and face it, the overwhelming majority of us do), consider coming out next Thursday.

Nov 28 2012

Just a Little Chat

A friendly little conversation between Garry Trudeau, Anita Hill, and Sandra Fluke on the trials of being a feminist in the public eye.

Nov 28 2012

Give the Gift of Atheism

Santa holding a copy of Atheist Voices of Minnesota.

What could be better during the holidays that to give something entirely unholy?

Nov 27 2012

A Different Wedge

In which Tony Pinn explains that giving up privilege should hurt if you’re doing it right.

Nov 27 2012

Mock the Movie: Cecil B. DeMille Edition

Who’s up for a bit of Jayne and Inara slash–with Homer Simpson?

Nov 26 2012

Emergency Contraception OTC: It’s Time

Female in silhouette: "Why yes, we did help you get elected." Additional text: 1 in 3 people experience barriers in accessing EC. Fix that. Emergency contraception needs to be in our hands.

Women, in particular women of color, were critical in getting Obama re-elected. It’s time we/they got something in return.

Nov 26 2012

“Faitheist”, the Review

After getting caught up in the discussion around Stedman’s Salon article, Simon Davis reviews the whole book.

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