Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 21 2012

Separating Predation from Trolling

It’s important to remember that ViolentAcrez did not start out as a troll.

Oct 20 2012

Talking Women in Secularism

“We want to do a show about the current status of women in the secular movement. Think you could do that?”

Oct 20 2012

Saturday Storytime: The Lord of Discarded Things

Changing the world is so very much to ask from a child. Of course, that never stops children from doing just that.

Oct 19 2012

Rape Traumas and Triggers

Setting the record straight on what a trigger is.

Oct 19 2012

Atheists Talk: Alex Berezow on “Science Left Behind”

Is it true that progressives are just as anti-science as conservatives?

Oct 18 2012

We Need Max Headroom

So it’s a very good thing that you’ll find him in unexpected places.

Oct 18 2012

Not Social Disapproval!

Do we throw out science over the atomic bomb?

Oct 17 2012

It’s the Authority, Stupid

Let the dogmatists butt heads while you go get something done. That’s when you find the real problem.

Oct 17 2012

Another Way to Blame Women for Being Paid Less

A policy that creates gender disparities in pay that isn’t based on job performance is a big flag that says, “Sue me, ladies!”

Oct 16 2012

About That Evo Psych Polygamy Stuff

Ah, parental investment. So convenient for humans that it ends with weaning.

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